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Customers Remember Brands

HNJ takes pride and paying attention to what works and what does not. How can we separate our clients brand from their competitors? Uniqueness, pop, bold, etc. are all ideas that came to mind. But then a voice from the back of the room shouted "statement", and we have rolled with it since then. Your logo at first site tells a story about your business. Make sure its telling the correct one.

Why Consider Our Logo Design Services

Be the Difference

We have created a system that helps set us a part from our competitors. Not only do we produce great content, we also provide more value for a deal that goes unnoticed.  With your logo, you will receive full copyright  ownership, social optimized files, vectored files, and digitized files. 

Improve Conversion Potential 

Product outweighs talent. If your product is one worth investing in, then you need to have a strong image to back it up. With our advertising services, we are able to use our systems to help get your business in the eyes of your ideal customer. The biggest brands, spend the most capital on marketing themselves. 

Triple Threat

Embroidery Files

All DST, EMB, PES, and PDF (Thread Count) Files are Included

Vectored Files

All AI, JPG, and PNG Files are included


All rights and reserves are yours to once payment is cleared 

Logo Creation

Let your brand do all of the talking. One of the few ways to do that is making sure you have a logo that accurately express your image.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is today's #1 marketing tool. At Nano Marketing, we have become prolific over the years in figuring out ways to leverage and maximize all relevant social media platforms.

Web Design

Don't let anyone tell you that email marketing is not effective anymore! Email marketing is one of the best ways to retarget actual and potential clients with content or products.

Get Effective & Affordable Social Media Advertising