Our Mission

We Help Small Businesses Succeed 


Become the most recommended both digital and printing company based on customer satisfaction and performance in the State of Indiana. Our top priority is creating success for our clients. 

Core Values - The HNJ Way

Customer Satisfaction Driven

Customers come first and we take pride in that. We strive to make our customers experiences nothing less than exceptional. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy and reaching their desired goals.

Honesty & Trust

Every great relationship is built on a strong foundation. Our foundation consist of honesty and trust in which  we take great pride.

Results Motivated

We attack each campign with the mindset of building our customers business into an empire in their market. Everyone's accountable for their work and we will not accept anything less than greatness.

Brainstorm, Take Action, then Complete

No one person sees the world through the same lens,  that is why we value diverse perspectives when brainstorming. Once a decision is made, everyone takes action with relentless effort to accomplish the task at hand. Then rinse, wash, and repeat once the goal is met.